Dec 21, 2016 07 00 PM EST
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Diamond In The Football Recruiting -Mining For Diamonds Webinar

Understanding the Recruiting Process: Covers recruiting rules, academics, recruiting calendar, terms, and definitions enables parents to understand

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Diamond In The Football Recruiting -Mining For Diamonds Webinar

When does the football recruiting process to start?
Best football camps to attend.
What should freshman, sophomores, juniors be doing now?
Recruiting services are they worth it?
How to gauge real interest from college programs?
Do you senior year matter?
How do I get my son recruited?
What is a prospect vs. suspect?
What do college coaches look for?
Difference between FCS and FBS recruiting D2, D3, NAIA
The difference between “press” camps and “college” camps.
The difference between camps and showcases?
What is a recruiting board?
2 types of players in recruiting
Speed and agility training
How to know your real 40 times?
Does where you play in HS matter?
The media
Social Media
Q & A

To find the answer to these questions and more join us.
Do not wait, the time to be proactive in your son's future is now.

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